Monday, March 17, 2014

Miracles Upon Miracles!

 Dear family and friends,
      This week has been such a great week. We have seen so many great miracles this week it has been incredible! We had stake conference this weekend and it was so good. I learned so much about how important our decisions are. We have to decide for ourselves who we will become and the way we will live our life.
     The work in the Green Valley ward is really booming and there is so much work to be done here its crazy! It really keeps us busy each day. We have so many investigators that we are working with. But I would say only a few of them are really keen. But we continue to do our best to find more and more investigators that are really prepared to hear this wonderful gospel. We are still working with Michelle as much as we can. She is not really progressing like we would have hoped. But we are striving to push her and help her to keep her committments. But again it goes back to their own decisions. That is what makes it so hard. We can teach her so much and testify of the truth but really it comes down to her and what she wants to do. We just pray that she will progress and really come into the faith.
    We got a new investigator this week! Her name is Ester. Well actually we kind of added her whole family as new investigators. She has 9 brothers and sisters and non of them are members. They are seven day adventists. They are the nicest family ever! I can't even believe that they aren't members already. They live and act like mormon's already. They are the kind of family that invites all the missionaries in regardless of what religion they are and they feed you and help you with whatever you need. They are the most loving people ever. We are so excited to work with them and hopefully we will be able to help them to understand the importance of this gospel and how much it can bless them. I will keep you updated on their progress this next week.
   We saw so many miracles this week in working with our less-actives. My testimony of the Book of Mormon and the power behind it has grown so much this week. We have been challenging all of our less-actives to start to read the Book of Mormon again. We visited with a girl named Alyse and she said that she had started to read again. She already seemed so much happier and she said she was finally able to get a job and find an apartment. We testified to her of the power in putting the Lord first and how much he can bless her as He already has.
       We also met with this girl named Fono. She hasn't been to church in many years but we challenged her to read the Book of Mormon. We weren't really sure if she was going to keep her committment. But the following visit we were surprised to find that she had started to read. Her only concern was she didn't really understand it. So we decided to read with her. The spirit was so strong as we read together and explained to her the principles that were taught. As we were leaving she was asking when we could come back again so that we could read together. Wow we were so excited! There is so much power in that Book it is incredible!
   I challenge all of you if you aren't already to read the Book of Mormon. Ponder on its words and pray about it and you will be blessed. I love you all very much and I hope you all have a wonderful week!
     Sister Heidi Sorensen

Huge rain storm this week so we had some fun in the rain

 It was Sister Woodford's birthday this last saturday. We had a little party that night with sparklers and everything.  As you can see I bought us both some Aussie footie pj's.

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