Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Referral From Heaven

Dear family and friends,
   Wow what a week its been for me. I don't even know where to begin to tell you about all the events that have happened this week. It was a little hard this week in this new area because I went from knowing everything and knowing the streets like the back of my hand to now knowing nothing. That was a little hard for me this week and I got really stressed out at first. But lucky I had a companion who was really good and very helpful. The more members I met, the more comfortable I got and excited I got to work in this area. I know that this is where I need to be. I love my new companion, Sister Ma'asi and I've already received a confirmation that she is who I need to be with at this time. I love being with her!
   Another thing happened to add on to the crazy week that I had. We were in a car accident on Friday. My first car accident ever but luckily it wasn't a very bad one. We were going to our district meeting and I was making a U-turn because that is the only way to get into the chapel entrance because there is a barrier in front of the entrance. We there were no cars coming from the other direction and just one car behind me. I turned on my right car signal way in advance to let them know I was turning. Well the person behind me was very impatient and not paying attention and they tried to overpass me and went on my right side instead of going by on my left. I think its because I drifted a little to the left so I could make the turn so they were watching my car and not my signal. So before I realized what they were doing we had hit. And from holding the steering wheel in the process of turning the impact of it or something had hurt my wrist. Right away I knew something was wrong with my wrist. The car just had the right headlight broken and a dent right above the tire. Luckily it was just me that was hurt and no one else. But after it was all settled I called Sister Woodford and her and Sister Prete took me to the hospital to get my wrist x-rayed. They found out that I have a hair-line fracture on each side of my left wrist. and I have to have this plaster cast on for 2 weeks and then I have to get it x-rayed again.

 Even though it was no fun to be in a car accident the little tender mercy that came out of it is that the lady that hit us was a very nice lady. As soon as I met her I got the feeling that I needed to share the gospel with her. So I talked to her a little bit about who we were as missionaries and what we did. I made sure she was ok and she continued to just apologize. So it was a good thing that came out of that was now we have a potential investigator. She happens to be in our proselyting area and everything. And now we are walking and she is within walking distance. Wow the Lord definitely works in mysterious ways but each and every day I'm reminded that this is not my work, this is the Lord's work. I just need to trust in him and He will guide me and direct me to those that need to hear the gospel. So it may have been a little bit of a crazy week but there are so many positives and tender mercies that have come out of all the events that have happened.
I love you all very much and appreciate all the love and support you continue to give me. Have a wonderful week!
Love always,
Sister Heidi Sorensen

The Lord Knows Us So Well!

New companion- Sister Ma'asi from Tonga

Dear Family and Friends,
   Wow I don't even know where to begin. There is so much that has happened this week. So I knew the time would come that I would have to be transferred out of Green Valley. On Saturday I found out that I was being transferred and I was so sad. Green Valley has been my only area so far and so I have grown to love all the people in the Green Valley Ward. I have also grown to love my companion Sister Woodford. We've been companions for 18 weeks now and she has become like a sister to me. But I knew that it was my time to go and I felt good about leaving. I know that I have done what I'm supposed to do in that area and now its my time to go meet some other people and bring others unto Christ.
    So sunday was my last day in the Green Valley ward and I had the opportunity to share my testimony in Sacrament meeting. I was crying through the whole thing. I had to go say my good bye's to all the members and I got al the photos and everything. The ward was so supportive of me and they were so loving. I then packed up all my stuff that night. On monday morning we drove to the mission home which is about 30 minutes away and come to find out that I was moving right back to the same flat. Lets say that was a little annoying but I was glad to find out that I was going to be living with my last companion again. My new companion is Sister Ma'asi from Tonga. I have been living with her for a while now and so it is a really easy transition and we can get right to work. I'm in the Prariewood 1st ward, right next to my old area. I feel like I already know the ward because I have heard so much from the sisters we live with. And another crazy thing is that the Sister that took my place in Green Valley is my MTC companion Sister Prete. I was nervous for who would take my place and I wanted someone that would mess up all the hard work that we have done (I think she meant "someone who wouldn't mess up all the hard work" haha). But of all the people, Sister Prete is the PERFECT person. I couldn't think of a better match.
   I'm so grateful for this the gospel in my life. And in the last few days with all the changes I have grown a stronger testimony of how much the Lord knows our needs. I know that I'm supposed to be serving in the Prariewood 1st ward. I'm so ready to go out and serve the people in my new area. I know that as we put our trust in the Lord, that everything will work out perfectly.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks so much for all your love and support. I know that I couldn't serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength if it wasn't for my family cheering me on from home. I'm so very blessed for all of you!
Love always,
    Sister Heidi Sorensen

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What a week. . . .

Dear family and friends,
   Wow there is so much that is happening here I just can't keep up with it all. This week we got a new Mission President because President Lew has been sick for a few weeks and has to go home to get more medical care. So we are going to miss President and Sister Lew so much. They are incredible people that I really look up to. But we have a new mission President named President Palmer. I haven't met him yet but from what I hear he seems to be a really good man. But it is crazy to go through new changes like that.
  This morning my zone and I had the wonderful opportunity to go attend a temple session at the Sydney Temple. I absolutely love the temple! It truly is a house of learning and house of God. If you haven't been attending the temple and you are able to I would encourage you to go because you can receive so many blessings as you attend the temple.
  This week I have unfortunately been sick for a few days but I finally doing a little bit better. It has all of a sudden turned really cold here in Sydney and so many of us got sick this week just from the drastic weather change. I was sick for a few days but just drugged myself up and went out and worked. But it finally caught up to me on Thursday and I slept literallly all day long. But I'm doing a lot better. Thanks to a priesthood blessing I'm still able to continue on in the work and teach.
  We are so blessed at this time to be working with so many investigators and less-actives. Our teaching pool is really big right now so we are always busy seeing people. Our new investigator that was handed over to us named Sheyenne that was supposed to be baptized this last week has unfortunately turned completely around. She started listening to her friends and family and what they thought about her getting baptized and now she doesn't want to ever be baptized in our church and doesn't really want us to come back. That was a heart breaker for us this week and I really was able to realize just how powerful the adversary is if you let him in at all. But I know that the Lord has a plan for Sheyenne and that she will come back around. We are continually praying for her and her family.
  As for Esther miracles are happening with her. She didn't come to church but she was able to make it to a recent convert fireside on sunday and I think it really changed her way of thinking. She is getting closer and closer. She says that she is waiting for an answer to her prayer to know whether she should get baptized but by what she has told us and her actions we know that she knows that the church is true. But I don't think that she realizes that her prayer has already been answered and we are going to try to help her to realize that tonight and invite her to be baptized again.
   Good things are happening in Green Valley and I'm absolutely loving my mission. I have a wonderful companion Sister Woodford, she has become one of my best friends and we get along so well. I'm so blessed at this time to be able to serve a mission. I encourage all of those that are thinking of serving a mission to just take a leap of faith and go! It is such an incredible experience.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy Mother's day to all the mothers this coming sunday.
Love always,
     Sister Heidi Sorensen