Sunday, April 13, 2014

General Conference is like Christmas for Missionaries!

Dear Family and Friends,
    I FINALLY had the opportunity to watch General Conference and the Women's Conference this past weekend. Wow I'm on such a spirtual high right now and so ready to go out there and make a difference. What a blessing it is to listen to the words of a living Prophet and his apostles and other leaders of the Church. I don't know about all of you but I was able to receive so many answers to my questions just by listening to the talks given by these wonderful leaders. I have been greatly strengthened by the words that were spoken.
   Some of the talks that really stuck out to me was the one by Elder Anderson on the whirlwinds of life. We all have different whirlwinds in our lives that come but it is so important for us to remain in the faith. One thing that I noticed was there were so many that mentioned the scripture Helaman 5:12. That goes to show just how important it is to build that foundation upon our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So that when those whirlwinds come along we will not fall but be strengthened. One thing that we as missionaries do is encourage others to apply what we call CPR. Church, prayer, and reading the scriptures. I noticed that many of the speakers talked about the importance of those 3 things that is how we build our foundation upon the Lord. So I encourage all of you of continue or if you aren't already to start to apply those principles in your life. It has given me so much strength and I promise that it will give you strength as well.
   Another talk that I really was touched by was Elder Bednar's talk about how we all bear a load. I liked how he said that "Bearing load is necessary" for us to return with our Heavenly Father again. Many times we think that life will be better if that load was taken from us completely but it was taken away then we wouldn't be strengthened. That is something that has really hit me this week that we need those burdens and hardships to create "traction" to drag us out of those hard times. Then once we experience those times we will know what to do and have an added strength to experience other trials that may come our way.
   I would challenge all of you to read Elder Ballard's talk again and commit yourself to the commitments that he has left with all of us to read Preach my Gospel. I would love to have you share your insights with me from reading and studying. That is what gives me strength.
   Things are going so well and we have so many that we are working with. We have 4 progressing investigators and we are hoping that they will stay strong. We are just struggling with getting 2 of them to church. So pray that Ester and Michelle will be able to get to church this coming week.
I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
      Sister Sorensen

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