Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

  This week has been a challenging week. But I'm so grateful for this week because I have learned so much. I was a little discouraged because we weren't able to see very many people this week and we didn't teach very much but that is because of Zone Conference, my companion being sick, and District Meeting. So we have had a lot of things that have happened this week. I have realized that I have been more worried about the numbers rather then the sole purpose of why I'm here. I'm here to bring others unto Christ and in order to bring others unto Christ I have to be prepared and trained. This week has been a lot of training and learning and it has helped me so much to be strengthened as a missionary. I have also realized that its not always just investigators that we bring closer to Christ. In our purpose it just says that we are to "Invite OTHERS to come unto Christ..." That even includes other missionaries that are around me. There are many missionaries that are struggling at this time and this week has been a week of renewal I think for many of us.
     We had Zone Conference this week and it was an incredible experience. Just what I needed to be uplifted and reminded of what is most important. One thing that I really took from the Conference was the power and authority of my calling. As missionaries we are called and set apart as representatives of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I forget about the importance of my calling how I'm truly the Lords servant in this part of his vineyard.
      Michelle is still progressing slowly but surely. The only struggle we are having with her is getting her to church. She is a single mother of 3 kids and VERY busy and she works every Sunday and Monday. So it has been hard to ask her to come to church but we know that the Lord will provide a way if she truly desires to learn. Right now she is the only investigator that is really progressing at all but we are keeping the faith that the Lord will put someone in our path that is prepared to hear this gospel. In the meantime we have been working with heaps of less actives and helping them to come back to church and remember of its importance.
      Just yesterday we had a tender mercy. We were having kind of a rough day but we knew we needed to go and visit someone. The person that came to mind was this old man named Kevin. He is an old man about in his 80's and he is blind and lives alone. He has very little support from anyone. The only person that he has is his mate down the street and his daughter that only comes once a week. But he needs a lot  more help then that. When we went there he was so happy to see us. He said that he was praying that someone would come to help him that day. We knew that we were exactly where we needed to be and that gave us strength. As he shared with us some of his struggles I was immediately humbled and realized that I was being very selfish. I was worried about my own trials and struggles and not thinking of others. Tears were rolling down Sister Woodford and my face and he was talking. We sang some songs with him and had such a good conversation with him. We were reminded of the importance of turning outward and helping others and realizing that there are others that are struggling as well. I'm so grateful for that lesson I learned yesterday from Kevin.
    I love you all very much and I'm so grateful for all your love and support. Keep up the good work! I hope all of you have a wonderful week!
        Sister Sorensen

It was Sister TeMaari's b-day and we had some fun that you can see.

Zone Conference!

 Last week we went and explored a buddhist temple, it was so cool!
My wonderful district. It is the last time for Elder Langi (from tonga).

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