Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Transfer Week

Dear Family and Friends,
  Well another transfer has come and gone. Time has been flying by here on my mission, I just can't believe it. I have such a short time left and I'm surely going to continue to strive to give all my heart, might, mind, and strength to the Lord's work. It is an incredible experience being a full time missionary. I love it and I love seeing people change because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  This week has been a good week. Unfortunately my companion, Sister Schwab got transferred. She has become such a good friend of mine that I'm surely going to miss her. But I know that this is the Lord's work and he has called her to a different area of His vineyard to help save souls. I'm actually very jealous she is going to an area called Orange which is in the Bush. There are a lot of real Bogan's (Aussie's) that live in that area so that should be a fun adventure.
  I absolutely love my new companion as well though. Her name is Sister Tito. I actually lived with her in my first flat on my mission. She really helped me at that time and I have always loved her so I look forward to working with her. She is a great missionary and I'm so blessed to be able to have her. I'm ready to learn from her and continue to grow. That is what I love so much about a mission you are always learning something new from the people that you're working with or even your companions.
This week I went on exchanges with a Sister that just went home today. Her name is Sister Clegg and she actually is from Alpine, Utah. But she is so smart and I have always looked up to her so it was an absolute privilege to be able to go with her on her last week of her mission. She taught me so much and gave me lots of advice. She has also served as a Sister Training Leader for a while so she was able to help me in that aspect as well.
  Well first off when we were coming back to the flat for lunch we found 20 dollars in the bushes and we looked at each other and went, "Out to lunch?" haha it was a cool miracle. We went and got a little something for lunch and met a lot of potentials while we were there eating. The Lord works in mysterious ways!
   We got to see so many miracles that day it was amazing. That day we were trying to visit this investigator and they weren't home so we thought that we would knock on all of the neighbors doors. When we knocked on the door across the street there was this nice girl named Laura. She is 17 years old and she said she went to a Hill song church. We told her a little bit about who we were and we asked her, "how would you feel if you knew that there was living prophet upon the earth today?" She was really touched by that and she said, "that would be incredible!" We then testified that there was a living prophet today. We then asked her if we could come back and she said that she would love to have us come back.
     On the return appointment I went back with Sister Schwab to see Laura. Well she wasn't home but her mum and her sister were there. They were very nice and they said that Laura had mentioned that we were coming. They were asking us some questions and we told them a lot about who we were and what we believe in. They had a lot of those funny questions like, "do you really have multiple wives?" So it was good to clear up some of those little rumors that go around about us mormons. They were so interested and they invited us to come back and teach all 3 of them! So we now have 3 new investigators and we are so excited to teach them more. I will keep you updated on them.
     Another cool experience I actually forgot to share last time was an experience with Prayer. Mini (our recent convert) had lost her cords to her rice cooker and her other crock pot after the feed at her baptism. She had searched the kitchen several times and asked that we would look as well. Last sunday we were there and I had this strong impression to take Mini into the kitchen and pray with her and then look for her cords. So I acted upon that feeling. Mini was searching very worried and we just told her that we would say a prayer that we would find them. We said a simple prayer and then we all started looking. Not too long after that Mini found them. She was so happy! Sister Schwab and I then talked to her and pointed out that we had only found those because we had relied on the Lord and He had answered our prayer. I said a little prayer in my heart of gratitude. Then Mini went off to tell everyone that she had found it and that she did only after praying. So that was a cool experience with Mini.
Sorry this is super long but there is always so much that happens in a week. I know that this is the Lord's church. He is leading and guiding His work. There are hearts that are being softened and ready to receive the gospel. We just have to reach out to them and find them. I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love always,
   Sister Sorensen

We went to the beautiful Botanical Gardens last p-day with one of our recent converts, Trish

We went to the Telstra Tower and it over looks all of Canberra, it is so beautiful!

Sister Schwab and I
Sister Clegg and I when we went to lunch after finding the 20 dollars.

all the Sisters that we are serving with in Canberra.

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