Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We need the members in missionary work!

Dear Family and friends,
    First off, good news! After being in Australia for a good 9 months I have finally seen a live Kangaroo! It was so funny we were driving to church and I was talking in the front and the sisters in the back of the car yelled at me to look out the window. And there were a big group of kangaroo's right off the side of the road. It was pretty cool to see. So Australia isn't really what everyone thinks its like, there aren't kangaroo's everywhere. It is possible to live here and never see one. I'm living proof of that one! haha
     Anyways this week has been a pretty good week. We still have so many people to work with and are striving to work hard every minute of every day. But unfortunately this week we didn't do so well at getting members at the lessons. As we were evaluating our week this week we noticed a decrease in numbers all the way down and realized it was because the decrease in member help or fellowship. That really was a testimony builder to me of how much of a positive influence the members have in the work. It really lightens the load and a lot more work is able to get done when the members and missionaries are working along side eachother. So I guess the goal we have for this next week is to get the members back into the work and excited about missionary work again. We should be wise and follow the council given by our loving prophet to work side by side with the members it really is the most effective way to do missionary work. I encourage all of you if you aren't already to get involved in the missionary work because you make all the difference! Full time missionaries aren't as effective if they don't have fellowship to help the investigators when the missionaries aren't there.
  We were still were able to have the baptism of my dear friend Mini Raine this week. Even though I've been here for only just a few weeks she has become someone that I dearly love and care for. I know that I was meant to meet such a wonderful woman. We call her mummy Mini because she is like a mother to Sister Schwab and I. She is constantly feeding us and making sure we're doing good. She always lightens the mood and helps lift us up. She was finally able to be baptized on Saturday and actually we had a double baptism in our ward. The sisters we live with, Sister Pea and Sister Sauaki had their investigator baptized on the same day. So it was a great day for all of us. Such an exciting time. There is no greater feeling then seeing someone change their life and desire to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized. Mini even told us that she read the entire Book of Mormon and knows that its true. It was a goal of her's to read it all before the baptism. She is such an amazing lady and will always be one that is dear to my heart.
  The miracles never cease! Just these past couple weeks we've been working with a woman named Visnja. Sister Schwab has been working the whole time since she's been here in Canberra to find the address of this woman because she felt like she needed to meet this former investigator. Just a few weeks ago we were able to find her. And we have developed a good relationship with her. The first lesson was on her door step through her screen door. The next one was on the porch but with the door open and just a few days ago she finally let us come inside her home and sit down to teach her. She said that she now looks forward to having us come and has started to pray again. She even said that she would come to church. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well that morning but still wanted us to come by. She even mentioned what a great blessing it was that we came into her life and that it was at the perfect moment. We assurred her that it wasn't our doing. It was the hand of the Lord that is leading us, and we are just His servants. I know that the Lord leads and guides this work today.
 Another tender mercy that we saw yesterday morning was with a less active named Lole. We originally had an appointment with this investigator named Lance but he cancelled on us and then we had a back up that also cancelled on us. Well unsure of where to go we prayed and though of this woman named Lole. We had such a great lesson with her and she said that we had come just at the perfect time. She was having a rough morning and was contemplating whether or not to go to church or not. But there we came and helped her to remember our Savior and she said that she would come to church. She expressed her gratitude for us coming and that was what she needed. That was such a humbling experience to me. Just more evidence that this is the Lord's work and that he will guide us to those that need it. Even if it take two cancellations, he will take us to those that need the gospel, we just have to have faith.
  Lately I have been studying more about my Savior, Jesus Christ and so that I can become more and more like him. Something that my companion shared with me that has always stuck with me was. If we want to know our Savior then we must walk in His footsteps. As we walk in His footsteps then we will eventually find Him. I myself am striving to walk in my Savior's footsteps as closely as I can. I know that I'm not perfect whatsoever but I know that as I strive to follow in His ways then I can be perfected in Him. For He is the mediator and has paved the way for us to make it to Our Loving Heavenly Father. I know that as we put our Trust in God and follow the path that the Lord has set for us that we will find that true and happiness. And I know that we come to know our Savior more as we serve our fellow men. There is a recent acronym that I learned from my lovely companion, J-Jesus O- Others Y- Yourself. This is the only equation of how we can find true happiness. Because as we put the Lord first in our lives (3 Nephi 13:33) then we can experience the fulness of Joy which is only found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that these things are true and I'm so grateful for this gospel in my life.
  The committment that I leave with all of you is to strive to come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. Do all that you can to put the Lord first in your life and you will find that your life will be more joyful. I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!
Love always,
    Sister Sorensen

 Sister Schwab and I got some fun Minion pj's they are that best!

Trade offs with Sister Finau. That was fun riding bikes again.

 Mini's baptism

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