Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sister Levine is in the Lord's hands

Dear family and friends,
    Wow there has been so much that has happened this week. From my understanding I believe that many of you may have heard the news about Sister Levine that was in an accident and is in critical condition. She is one of the sisters that we cover and help here in Canberra. Just on Friday night we were in an appointment with an investigator and we got several calls from the zone leaders. We figured by the third one it was urgent. So we took the call just to find out that Sister Levine was just hit by a car. We couldn't believe it and quickly rushed to the Canberra Hospital where Sister Levine was taken by ambulance. Sister Tito and I couldn't believe the news that we had just received but all we could do was get to the hospital. We got there and found many of the missionaries in our zone there but none of them had news on Sister Levine. We stayed at the hospital till about midnight that night as the doctors came back and forth giving us some updates on how she was doing. But by the evening they were able to stabalize her and some elders were able to give her a blessing as soon as the doctors let visitors inside. It was amazing to see how fast the word spread as many bishops, the stake President, many members of her ward came to support and help. The waiting room was filled with missionaries and members. President and Sister Back got there later in the evening as they drove from Sydney.
  I don't know if many of you heard really what happened. But here is the story of what happened. Sister Levine and her companion Sister Ilalio were just coming out of an appointment and were parked off on the side of the road. It was a rainy day and there was this beautiful double rainbow. Sister Ilalio was all buckled in the passenger seat and Sister Levine was just finishing taking a picture of the rainbow. She was just about to get in the car when this car came around and lost control running into a tree, then proceeded to hit Sister Levine and then the car. The car was going about 40 to 60 Kilometer per hour as it hit Sister Levine. Sister Levine was found lying under the other car as Sister Ilalio jumped out of the now totaled car. Sister Ilalio said that the driver side of the car was all smashed in and the door of the car was ripped off from the impact of the car. They had to use a jack to jack up the car and get Sister Levine from under the car. She was then rushed to the local hospital.
     That is what I understand of the story and it is so crazy. They said that the driver of the car blanked out and then ran into Sister Levine and their car. If you were to see her though it is truly amazing! She is doing remarkably well under the circumstances. At the moment she still remains in a coma due to the trauma to her head and the doctors are just waiting for her to wake up. She is a huge miracle case. She has bruising to the head and to her lungs. But no fractures at all which is unbelievable! She has definitely been protected. I know that the Lord looks out for his missionaries. Just the other day I had the opportunity to go in and see her and stand by her bedside. The spirit is so strong, I could feel angels surrounding her and helping her. I know that the Lord is very much aware of her and aware of each one of us. I know that Sister Levine is going to be ok, she is in the Lord's hands now. But I know that it is not her time to go and I believe that she will be able to come out of her coma and be able to stand as a firm witness that miracles still happen today. This experience has been a testimony builder for me of how powerful God is. He is our Heavenly Father and can protect us as we do what is right. 
As for our work, the work continues to move forward and we are doing our best to keep going. We have so many people that we are working with still and we continue to find new people to teach.
      I had the great opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday. My topic was, "the blessing of a mission." I didn't even know where to begin with this topic because my mission has made all the difference in my life and I have received so many blessings from my mission. But there is one thing that I felt the need to focus on and I would like to share it with all of you. I know that not everyone can serve a mission and not everyone has a desire to serve a mission but like it says in Mosiah 2:17 .."When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." So my focus that I made was: As you serve our Savior, Jesus Christ and his children, you will come to know Him. As members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints we have covenanted with God that we would always remember him and as it says in Mosiah 18 "stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places..." We have promised that we would serve him and we all have a "mission" in this life. We all have a purpose now is our time to fulfill it and to come to know our Savior Jesus Christ. My mission has helped me so much in my life and learn and become closer to my Savior. I know I have a lot more to learn and many mistakes that I continue to make but I know that God is there for me. I know that I can be cleansed from sin and I can be perfected through Christ. My commitment to you is to Come to know your Savior Jesus Christ and in that you will come to know yourself as sons and daughters of God. I promise you that you will be able to gain eternal life and be able to withstand any whirlwinds (Helaman 5:12) that may come your way.
     I love each and everyone one of you. I thank you for all your love and support. I hope you all have a wonderful week. And I ask that you keep Sister Kendall Levine in your prayers as you go about your week.
Love always,
      Sister Sorensen

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