Monday, September 22, 2014

"You always get what you want the most"‏

Dear family and friends,
   Wow this has been a wonderful week for Sister Tito and I. It's now the beginning of another transfer, wow time is flying! But Sister Tito and I are staying here in the Belconnen Ward in Canberra and I'm so excited for this transfer. Transfers is always a bitter sweet. Missionaries come and go but I love being able to start fresh again with new goals and new opportunities. I know that it is truly inspired that we as missionaries have transfers every 6 weeks. It helps to stay moving forward and continually strive to make improvements. Sister Tito and I are so excited for this transfer to come. As we were evaluating our last transfer I think we both realized just how much more we could do and how much more we want to do. We have felt like even though we were doing what we were supposed to be doing we were still in a rut a little bit and not knowing how to get out.  I have realized that is why we haven't been able to achieve some of the goals that we have set for ourselves. So Sister Tito and I are ready to redeem ourselves and make this transfer a great transfer. I'm so excited!
    I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that allows us to repent and be better each and every day. It is such a powerful gift that our Savior has given us. It is only because of his suffering that we don't have to suffer and we can become more like him and closer to entering into God's presence. I think that is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned on my mission is that the Atonement is for everyone, not just those that do serious sins. We all sin and need to repent in order to be with God again for eternity. I strive continually to apply the atonement into my daily life and recognize my weaknesses and those mistakes that I've made so that I can let go of those and reach to higher levels.
   This week has been full of so many miracles! We were able to reach most of the goals that we set for the week. Prayer and Fasting really does work! Like I was saying in my email last week we've been struggling to find some new people to teach and expand our teaching pool. Well this week we were able to find 5 new investigators! We were praying so hard that we might be able to find some and it was like Heavenly Father just placed them in our path. The Lord is very much apart of our lives and I'm so grateful for His guidance and direction in the work. This is truly his work. Also just this last transfer the other set of sisters in our ward and also in our flat were taken out and so its just us in the ward. So now we have double the amount of work we had before. So we have HEAPS to work with. Now it is just striving to figure out who to focus our efforts on and who needs us the most.
Here are a few of the tender mercies the happened this week:
    - We were able to catch Visnja at home after several weeks of her cancelling on her. We really felt like we needed to go there and at first she was a little hesitant but at the end of our visit she was so thankful that we came. She is starting to feel the difference of when we come and share the gospel with her and when we aren't there. We helped her to understand that all good things come from God and all bad or confusion feelings are from the adversary. We also helped her to understand that as she continues to learn of the gospel of Jesus Christ that she will face many challenges but that the teachings will help her through her trials. So now she said there are no excuses for me I want you to come every Saturday to see me.
   -We were finally able to get inside a less-actives home to meet her and to share a message with her. We are excited to work with her now and we can see that it is her time to come back to church and she's ready to listen again to the truth after many years of confusion.
   -Just before church on Sunday we decided we would try one last house in the area we were at. We knocked on this person's door and it was this girl named Emily and her dad David. The dad didn't seem very interested but we taught about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end Emily asked if we could come back. What a tender mercy!
     There are so many more that I could share but one thing that I have learned and has stuck with me lately is something that our ward mission leader, Brother Baker said. It is my title for this email and that is, "you always get what you want the most." That is so true. We will put all our effort into something that we really want so I encourage all of you to evaluate and think about what you truly want the most. What matters most to you in this life. I know for me I have come to a greater understanding of the importance of this gospel and what a difference we can make in the lives of others as we stand as witnesses of Him at all times.
  I hope that you all have a wonderful week and remember to always do the small and simple things in your life ( Alma 37) and I can promise you that great things will come to pass as you do so. Stay strong and know that God is always there for you. All you have to do is let Him in.
  Love always,
       Sister Sorensen

Sister Sunday's birthday. We threw a little party one night for her. We had so much fun!

 Birthday cupcakes for this Birthday girl!

the Campbell's (less-actives) have these cute little kittens.

These are all the sister in the zone. I'm going to miss those sisters that were transferred.

 Last p-day we went to this place called Floriade. They run it every year. It is where they have so many beautiful flowers and all kind of designs in the flowers.

 Rella (one of our less-actives) B-day. We heart attacked her, so much fun!

We went to the Baxter's home (investigators) for lunch. They are the funnest people. this is Lynette and her son Craig.

on day 17 we went on trade offs with these beautiful sisters. Sister Ilalio, Manutulila, and Finau.

This elderly couple that has been serving here for 18 months left for home. We are going to miss Elder and Sister Larkin!

Sister Tito's sister's birthday. Sorry that probably was confusing but we celebrated that for her. haha

 Just last night we went over to this member's home for Family Home Evening. We love this family!

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