Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another INSPIRING General Conference

Dear Family and friends,
I know that all of you probably watched general conference last week and now that is old news for you but for us in Australia we just barely were able to watch it this past weekend. It was so amazing and I learned so much from the sessions. Aren't we so grateful to be able to listen to the prophets at this time and to know what we can do to lift to new heights and to more closely follow God's plan for us? I don't even know where to begin with all the things that I liked from conference. I think I took at least something from each of the speakers that I could use or improve on.
    One thing that I learned this week is the importance of writing down the questions that you want answered. For the first couple sessions I just had a few questions that I had in my mind that I hoped to have answered but some of them weren't very clear and I didn't fully know what I wanted answered. But thanks so my wonderful companion who helped me and inspired me to just take some time and write them down. So I did that very thing. I took some time aside and prayerfully wrote down some of the questions that I had in my mind and also some others that I had not really thought of before.
   I went to the next couple session of conference with those questions written down and it was amazing how much more I was able to get out of conference. Not to say that I didn't get anything from the talks beforehand but the spirit was so much stronger as I realized I was more ready to recieve revelation and open to what God wanted to tell me. God isn't just going to give us everything and expect us to do nothing for ourselves. He wants us to do our part and to prepare ourselves so that we can recieve all that he has in store for us. I noticed that by the end of conference that each of those questions that I had written down was answered by at least one talk. It was a great lesson to learn and what a great experience I had.
   One of my favorite talks from conference was President Monson's talk.  It was definitely an answer to one of my questions. I loved it how he said, "Walking WHERE Jesus walked is not as important as walking AS Jesus walked." I LOVED THAT! I've always wanted to know how I can develope a stronger relationship with my Saviour, Jesus Christ and I think I've always known but this talk just really enhanced it and helped me to recognize it more than ever before. If we want to come to know someone or even strive to become like them we have to do as they would do. Our purpose in this life is to become more like our Saviour, Jesus Christ and the way we do it is by being a little kinder to our fellow brethren, keeping ALL of His commandments, and just by putting aside the natural man and the things of the world for the things that truly matter most in life.
  This conference we had a few of our investigators come which was so great to see! We had our investigator Emily Van Dyek come which was a bit of a shocker. She even stayed for both sessions on Saturday. I think she was a little bit overwhelmed by the end but I think over all she really liked it. We also got Jennifer to come to one session and I think she really liked it as well. I wish that I had more time to share some of the insights that I recieved from conference but I have ran out of time.
I hope that you all have a wonderful week and strive to apply all the things that you learned from conference. WE ARE SO BLESSED! I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and I'm ready to share that with everyone else that is willing to listen.
Love always,
    Sister Sorensen

We went to the Parliament building this last pday. It is really cool!

Brother Baker (Ward mission leader) took us all out for lunch in between the Saturday sessions. We had Emily with us too. She is the one that doesn't look very happy but i think its because she's not used to having so many happy people around her. And of course Mini came with us too. 

This is me and Shayla Arnold. I love that little girl. yes I'm still a kid at heart and was playing with her, I had a lot of fun with this 3 year old.

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