Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/24/13 - The Work Continues

Hello Everyone!
    This week has been a great week! It was a little slower this week than last week when it comes to lessons and such but regardless the work continues to move forward. One thing that I learned this week is that even though you may not see very many people or teach very many lessons every little bit counts. No work goes wasted because you never know what small act of kindness can do for someone. Or maybe even that one person that we were able to teach was affected greatly.
    Tuesday we had a big Zone Conference it was sooooooo good! I love my President and Sister Lew they are so amazing! During Zone Conference we sat on the front row and I was so engaged in the conversation. I swear I was talking the whole time! Not really but I did have so much to say I couldn't help but share. Afterwards President came up to me and thanked me for all my comments and he could really tell that I wanted to learn. One topic that we talked a lot about was the Importance of working side by side with the members. While I have been on my mission I have gained a testimony of how important it is to work with the members. The work becomes so much lighter when we are working with the members. We wouldn't be as successful if it wasn't for our ward. We know that we can call anyone and they would be willing to come out and join in a lesson or give us a ride. Or we know we could stop by anyone's house and they would be helpful in leading us to a friend or someone who may benefit from the message we share. I also learned about the role that the Book of Mormon plays in conversion. The Book of Mormon is evidence that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that the gospel has been restored on the earth today! What a wonderful blessing we have to have that knowledge.
  This week we met with this girl named Kristal who is one of our new investigators. She is truly amazing! I spoke a little bit about her last week and how she came to our Christmas party and to church. This week we visited her a few times and every single time she had questions for us either about the last lesson or about something she read in the Book of Mormon or the pamphlets. She has truly been prepared at this time to receive the gospel of Jesus Chist. Just like it reads in Alma 13 I know that Heavenly Father is preparing the hearts of His children to receive the gospel at this time. We just need to rely on Him to find those individuals. Kristal is one of those people. This week we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! She has a strong desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ and she said that she has been waiting for something like this to come along in her life. The date we have set for her is on December 14th so I will have to keep you updated on that.
   Also another miracle I saw this week was with the Lam family. One day we were visiting a part member family but they weren't home so we were trying to figure out what to do next and where we needed to go. We walked past this Vietnamese lady that was sitting on her porch with her little boy and she smiled at us. Sister Fa'agase and I looked at eachother and said, "no one ever smiles at us like that." We kept walking but I knew we were both still thinking about her. So we finally just turned around and went back to that lady. We found out she didn't speak much english but she ran inside to get her husband. He could speak just a little better english and we told them a little bit about us and what we do as missionaries. We then invited them to church and they said they wanted to try it out. They said they are buddist but also have been interested in the Christian Church but aren't sure which way to go. We promised them that this gospel will bless their life so much. We got their information. Just yesterday we called them and they said they were coming. So we quickly called some members in our ward that could speak vietnamese and asked if they could fellowship them at church. They came and greeted them at the door and pretty much took them under their wing. They are an amazing family and said they would like to come back next week. We are going to also visit them a few times this next week as well. Wow it is so amazing how the Lord works.
  I forgot to share a funny story last week. Last week we were tracting and we found this old man that is blind and lives alone. We spoke with him about the gospel and he was so happy to find someone that is kind to him and wanting to talk to him. I could tell that he is really lonely. Anyways when we went to leave he just put out his arms and wanted to give me a hug. I honestly didn't know what to do...he's a blind man and a lonely man so of course I gave him a hug. Next thing I know he was trying to give me a little kiss on the cheek. Well you can imagine a blind man trying to give you a kiss on the cheek yeah he had a hard time finding my cheek. But I just quickly had to move and get out of the way. haha but me and my companion had a good laugh. It was so funnny! Oh the experiences on a mission.
Anyways better go but I love you all very much and thank you so much for all you do for me. This is the Lord's work. Have a wonderful week!
    Sister Sorensen
P.S. Moroni 8:3

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