Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"This is the Lord's time, not my own"

Dear friends and family,
   This week has been such a great week! So much has happened this week that I'm not quite sure where to start. Just this last week the AP's ( Assistants to the President) came by and dropped off our car! It was the best early Christmas present ever! The mission has gotten 25 brand new cars for us to use, we are so blessed. It has been great this week working with the car because we were able to get to those families that we aren't normally able to see as often because of how far away they live from our flat. It has been a little hard adjusting to the traffic rules and I'm sure many people have laughed and said something like, "oh stupid americans!" but I'm getting the hang of it now. It has also been hard becaue normallly I'm the guide because I can actually read the map but now I can't look at the map so lets just say we've gotten lost quite of few times this week. But now we are getting more familiar with the area.
   Here is Australia they don't celebrate thanksgiving so it was a little odd this year not having thanksgiving. But one fun thing we had was we had a Turkey Bowl early in the morning. Oh there were heaps of Elders there and then there was only a few sisters. The elders were a little crazy so we didn't play too much but we had a lot fun being there. And here in Australia they play Rugby a lot so it started out as a game of football and then it turned into a game of Rugby. I didn't really like rugby before but now I'm learning to really like touch rugby. It is really fun! That night the city of Liverpool was having a tree lighting ceremony and the youth from our stake sand christmas carols there. The youth also did a flash mob in the middle of Liverpool to get people to gather and come towards the Christmas tree. All of the missionaries in our Zone handed out fliers to get people there. They handed out free lds DVD's and other handouts to introduce people to our church. There were also heaps of missionaries there so it was a great missionary opportunity.
   That night for our thanksgiving feast we had...McDonalds! Yay! It was a little weird not celebrating thanksgiving this year much but it was still a great day.
   Another cool experience we had this week was with the Lam family that I mentioned last week in my email. One day we felt like we needed to go see them because they are usually working during the week but it was Saturday so we knew they would most likely be home. They don't speak much english so we had to find someone that could speak vietnamese. We called up a member of our ward and she was available. We went to picked her up and headed over to their house. It wasn't a scheduled appointment so we weren't sure they would be there but we were able to find them home. We taught them about the restoration of the gospel and how the fulness of the gospel is restored upon the earth today. This lesson was a lot different than any other lesson though because we would teach and then Sister Tran would translate to them. Many times Sister Tran and the Lam's would go off talking and we didn't understand much of what was happening. But we could still feel the spirit. The spirit was so strong there and I could feel the great desire the Lam's had to learn more. We taught them so much and it was such an incredible experience. They even committed to baptism. They said that they have a desire to learn more about the gospel and we are so eager to help them to understand the truthfulness of this wonderful gospel. Everything truly happens for a reason and this happened EXACTLY how it was supposed to happen. It was a great miracle to see that day. I know that God leads us to where we need to be at the right time.
  Another thing that happened this week was transfers. Me and my soa are staying in the same place and staying together. We are so glad we are staying here because we are loving the ward and the people we are working with. I know this is where me and my soa need to be at this time. Unfortunately our wonderful District Leader was transferred. He is a great missionary and really helped our ward and district but he was called as a Zone Leader and will be wonderful! We had the opportunity to take him and his companion to the transfers meeting at the mission office. We were able to stay and listen to the testimonies of those newly called leaders and as well as those missionaries that are going home. That was the best testimony meeting I have ever been to. The spirit was so strong there and I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. It was so good to hear especially from those missionaries that are now going home. What powerful testimonies they had to share. One great thing I learned from them is that this is the Lord's time. I have been called as a representative of Jesus Christ at this time and I am his servant. I have been called to this particular area at this time. I know this is exactly where I need to be at this time. One goal I have is to strive to forget myself and get to work. One thing I noticed with all of those missionaries is that they truly gave it there all. That is something that I want to strive to do as well. My time here is so short and I'm realizing that now. This is truly the work of the Lord!
   I LOVE being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a great blessing it is to know the truth. I love you all very much! Thanks for all that you do for me.
     Sister Sorensen

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