Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Dear family and friends,
   Wow I can't even believe that it's already 2014, where did this last year go? This week has been such a great week! Well I guess just the end of the week has been good. At the beginning of this week we were so discouraged because no one has been home because they are all on holidays and out of town. We had a few days this week that we literally only had one or two lessons on one day. But we had a great miracle this week. On New Years day we went to about 10 homes and no one was home. We were so discouraged and were dragging that day. But we decided to say a little prayer and ask for guidance on who we needed to visit. A name came to mind of a less active family called the Rai family. They haven't been to church in a while so we thought it would be great to go and visit them. It just so happened that their whole family was home! That was a miracle on its own. But we were able to have a good visit with them and then we shared a message with them about the restoration of the gospel and the importance of living the gospel. We then asked them if there was anyone that they knew that could benefit from the message that we share. Then they started to list about 4 names that we could go visit. We were so excited! That was one thing that we have been struggling with lately is getting referrals so we were focusing on that this week. Right after that visit we went to try to contact some of the referrals that we received. We were able to find one of them at home and we were able to get a return appointment. That was able to lift up our spirits and keep pushing on that day. That was such a testimony builder on trusting in the Lord and continue to push forward with faith and the Lord will bless you. It was such a great experience!
  This week our wonderful Sister Training Leaders got all us sisters together that are in my zone. We had a new years training. We had the opportunity to go around the circle and each one of us sisters shared our purpose on why we are on our mission. It was such a powerful experience and the spirit was so strong! We were all in tears as we shared personal experiences on why we are here. The sister training leaders then reminded us of our purpose as missionaries. They had a training with President Lew and President Lew has been really striving to push the rules. He has found that especially during the holidays we as missionaries have been a little lax. So the sisters were so good at helping us to refocus and to set goals for the new year. It was such a good wake up call. I have set new goals for this new year and I'm so ready and excited for all the things to come in this new year. This week I have pondered a lot about why I'm here. One thing that has really hit me is that time is very short. I'm only here to serve the Lord full time as a missionary for 18 months. There is no time to waste. It has been such a humbling experience as I've reflected on those things that I want to improve on. I don't want to come home the same person if I did then my mission would have been pointless. My goal is to give it all I have while I'm here and have no regrets. It is truly a blessing to be able to be a missionary at this particular time in my life. Just like it says in Alma 13:24 I know that the Lord is truly preparing the hearts of men to recieve this gospel. And as it says in D&C 88:73 the work of the Lord is truly hastening on the earth today. Now is the time to share it with others. Be examples of the believers in everything that you do. (1 Timothy 4:12).
   The work is now starting to pick up more and more. We are now able to get more member to come out with us and help us in the work. It has made such a big difference as the members are assisting us in the work. It really lightens the load because if not we would be going door to door striving to find those that are ready to recieve it. With the members help we skip that step and find those that are ready and help them right away. So I encourage all of you to be member missionaries. Help the missionaries find those that are ready to hear the gospel at this time.
   Oh man I love being a missionary but I feel like I'm going to come back to fat! haha Just yesterday we had 3 dinners right in a row. I don't know why we ever did that to ourselves because we thought we were going to die afterwards. But I'm grateful that the members feed us at least. It is so funny because this whole week we didn't have any dinner appointments but on one day we had 3 and in a row! Now I understand why people say that they gained weight on their mission but me and my companions have decided that we are going on a diet after yesterday. Well like thats going to happen but at least we are going to try. Anyways that was a big side note.
  I absolutely love my companions and we are getting along so well! This next week is the last week of the transfer and we are so sad that our 3-some is going to be split up but we will go wherever we are called to serve. Oh and just so you know mom next week our p-day is on Tuesday instead of monday because of transfers.
Just know that I love you all very much! Thanks for all the love and support. And thanks for all those that sent me christmas cards, I loved them! Happy new years to all of you!
   Sister Heidi Sorensen

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