Monday, January 27, 2014

Miracles Upon Miracles

My dearest family and friends,
    Wow I absolutely love missionary work. I know I may say that a lot but it is so true! Each and every day I'm reminded of the importance of this work and how this is truly the Lord's church upon the earth today. This week has been a great week! The work is really starting to pick up again in the Green Valley area. So here it is summer time and so everyone has been on holidays and gone for the time period while their kids are out of school. But as for missionary work it is not our favorite time of the year because the work slows down a lot. But luckly everyone is going back to school this week so we are able to find a lot more people at home and they aren't in the holiday mode anymore. Oh and just so you know the word Vacation doesn't really exist here, they say holiday instead so if you are a little confused with my lingo I'm sorry I guess I'm starting to turn into an aussie. haha
   This week we saw so many miracles it has been incredible. One really cool miracle we had was with the Funa family. They are a family in our ward but the father is the only member of the church but he has only been to church one his life. We have stopped by there several times but we never seem to find anyone at home or they just don't want to open the door for us. One day we felt like we needed to just stop by there house so we did. We didn't think much about it, we thought it would be the same old thing. But this time right away they came to the door and invited us in. Sister Woodford and I looked at each other and I think both of our jaws dropped to the floor. That was the first time we have ever been invited into their house. We finally got to meet the Funa family and we not only met the father but the mother and 3 of their girls. We got to know them more and found out that the father got baptized when we came to Utah one time for holiday to visit his daughter. His daughter is a member and convinced him to be baptized so obviously he didn't have the right reason to be baptized and I don't think he ever really came to understand the importance of the church and what it is all about. We also came to find out that he is the only one working in his house and he has 7 kids so he works around the clock. That is why he never comes to church. The funa family is such a nice Tongan family and none of the girls are baptized and we can see so much potential in them. The elders even said they have tried their house several times as well but haven't really had much success. But it was truly a miracle that we were able to be invited in that day and we are so excited to be able to work with them now. We are so excited!
   Something that I have been reminded of this week during my studies is the importance of the Atonement. My testimony has grown so much on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. One realization I came to one day during my personal study was that the Atonement is central to each lesson that we share. The Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, The commandments. Each of these are centered on the Atonement, every single thing that we have is made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm so very thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. Just as is says in Helaman 5:12 he is my rock and my foundation. So I challenge each of you to reflect and think about Jesus Christ and all that He has done for all of us. Build your foundation upon Jesus Christ and you shall not fall.
   Thanks so much for all your love and support. Keep up the good work and remember our Savior, Jesus Christ this week as you go about your daily life. Think about all that He has done for us. I love you all.
     Sister Heidi Sorensen
    This week we got 4 new investigators! That is the first time ever we've gotten 4 new investigators in one week. But I know that the Lord's work is truly hastening upon the earth. As we are striving to be obedient the Lord is truly blessing us in so many ways. We have this little girl named Lilly. She is 10 years old and she was just bearly adopted from Samoa. Her mum came up to us at church last week and said that she would like us to start teaching her. The only problem was we didn't know how to speak Samoan. So the mum requested us and the Samoan sisters to come and teach her. So this last Saturday we were able to teach her. It was an incredible experience! The Samoan sisters did a lot of the talking but we were also able to share our testimony and have them translate to her. She is such an incredible little girl with so much faith. She is already growing so much even after just one lesson. On Sunday she ran up to us with a big grin on her face and gave us a huge hug. We are so excited to be able to teach her. So excited to me and Sister Woodford got Samaon Book of Mormons so that we can better teach her and help her.

I decided to make some Cocoa Lassa (Rice) this week. It is definitely not as good as the samoans but hey it was still pretty darn good. I'm now going to try to master it.

We decided to cook dinner for the elders this week. So we put our table out in our garage. It was so funny all the neighbors were coming out wondering what we were doing but it was a good time to get to know our neighbors more.

This is Lilly Toomata, our new investigator.

Kristal (our recent convert) had us over for dinner yesterday.

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