Sunday, December 29, 2013

"I'm a Trainer!"

Dear family and friends,
   It was so good to hear from you on Christmas family. It was so good to see all of you as well. Wow what a great blessing it is to have such wonderful technology that we are able to see and talk to eachother even all the way across the world! How blessed are we!
    I'm sure many of you have already heard but I'm a trainer now! President Lew called a few weeks ago and told us that there were a few sisters coming from the New Zealand MTC and he called me to be a trainer. Since it was the week before Christmas we just kept our same companions but we added another sister to our companionship. Sister Fuatimau is my new companion (daughter) and of course I still have my companion Sister Fa'agase. I love Sister Fuatimau she is from the island of Samoa and she is the sweetest girl. At first she told me that she didn't know how to speak english very well so I didn't know how to communicate at first. But the more I talked the more I realized that she understood more than I realized and more than she gives herself credit. She said that she never knew english until right before she came on her mission. She said that she just read the Book of Mormon in english right before she came and that is how she learned english. She is amazing she truly has the gift of tongues. And it has been so much fun having 3 of us in our companionship. We have really come together as companions so I know that it was meant to be. Its kind of funny because I'm Sister Fuatimau's trainer but Sister Fa'agase is still my trainer. But it ends up that we are both kind of training her. She is a lucky girl.
  It has been a great couple weeks here in Australia! It didn't really feel like Christmas here though because it was super hot but the feeling was still there. On the 23rd of December we had a Christmas Conference where the entire mission got together and we had a devotional and a performance. That was where all of the zones had an opportunity to perform something. My zone was the best! I know I'm a little bias but seriously we smashed it. Our zone leaders wrote a song that we sang for the mission. It was so fun! Then all the sisters in my zone and I did a dance. So mind you I'm the only palangi (white) person in our zone and the rest are samoan. Well except for a few tongan sisters. But anyways the sisters taught me a samoan dance. It was so cool to be apart of it. I was so nervous but it turned out to be pretty good. They made me wear this white dress that was different from what everyone else wore because I was the only palangi. It was such a fun day. That night we also went to the temple lights at the Sydney Australia Temple. It was so beautiful!
I could write so much more but I have no time now. But know that I love you all. Thanks for all your love and support I appreciate it so much!
    Sister Heidi Sorensen
Samoan Dance

Christmas lights with my companions

Christmas Day Rugby

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