Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What a week. . . .

Dear family and friends,
   Wow there is so much that is happening here I just can't keep up with it all. This week we got a new Mission President because President Lew has been sick for a few weeks and has to go home to get more medical care. So we are going to miss President and Sister Lew so much. They are incredible people that I really look up to. But we have a new mission President named President Palmer. I haven't met him yet but from what I hear he seems to be a really good man. But it is crazy to go through new changes like that.
  This morning my zone and I had the wonderful opportunity to go attend a temple session at the Sydney Temple. I absolutely love the temple! It truly is a house of learning and house of God. If you haven't been attending the temple and you are able to I would encourage you to go because you can receive so many blessings as you attend the temple.
  This week I have unfortunately been sick for a few days but I finally doing a little bit better. It has all of a sudden turned really cold here in Sydney and so many of us got sick this week just from the drastic weather change. I was sick for a few days but just drugged myself up and went out and worked. But it finally caught up to me on Thursday and I slept literallly all day long. But I'm doing a lot better. Thanks to a priesthood blessing I'm still able to continue on in the work and teach.
  We are so blessed at this time to be working with so many investigators and less-actives. Our teaching pool is really big right now so we are always busy seeing people. Our new investigator that was handed over to us named Sheyenne that was supposed to be baptized this last week has unfortunately turned completely around. She started listening to her friends and family and what they thought about her getting baptized and now she doesn't want to ever be baptized in our church and doesn't really want us to come back. That was a heart breaker for us this week and I really was able to realize just how powerful the adversary is if you let him in at all. But I know that the Lord has a plan for Sheyenne and that she will come back around. We are continually praying for her and her family.
  As for Esther miracles are happening with her. She didn't come to church but she was able to make it to a recent convert fireside on sunday and I think it really changed her way of thinking. She is getting closer and closer. She says that she is waiting for an answer to her prayer to know whether she should get baptized but by what she has told us and her actions we know that she knows that the church is true. But I don't think that she realizes that her prayer has already been answered and we are going to try to help her to realize that tonight and invite her to be baptized again.
   Good things are happening in Green Valley and I'm absolutely loving my mission. I have a wonderful companion Sister Woodford, she has become one of my best friends and we get along so well. I'm so blessed at this time to be able to serve a mission. I encourage all of those that are thinking of serving a mission to just take a leap of faith and go! It is such an incredible experience.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy Mother's day to all the mothers this coming sunday.
Love always,
     Sister Heidi Sorensen

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