Monday, June 2, 2014

Who needs a car. . . we got two feet!

Dear family and friends,
   Well this week has been a pretty good week. We had to take our car to get it fixed and so we were on foot all week. It has been a great experience walking this week. It takes me back to the beginning of my mission when we didn't have a car. Although this new area that I'm serving in is ginormous and so it is hard to get around to everyone we need to see. It takes us about an hour and a half to walk to the main area that we work in. So its a lot of walking but once we get to an area it is good and we are able to visit a lot of people. This week has felt like such a long week because I've been more tired from walking everyday. My companion and I get home every night just exhausted and go to bed.
   We are still trying our best to find new people to teach which is a challenge but we know that we can do it. We have made a goal to talk to everyone that we pass on the street. But we have been struggling with getting past the point of "hi how are you" and teaching them a little bit. So if any of you have any suggestions I would love that. But it has been a learning experience and it has brought my companion and I closer as we have lots of time to talk on our long walks. But this is a great ward and I'm really starting to like the area already. I'm starting to remember everyone's names and so it is getting better.
  This week we taught an investigator named Cindy Cabello. She is a 15 year old girl and the sister have been teaching her since February. Well just this last week she decided that she wanted to keep the baptismal date the sister before me have set. So she is getting baptized this coming Saturday. We are so excited for her. She is such a great example to her family. Because of her interest in the church her mom is now taking the lessons. But her mom only speaks spanish so the spanish Elders are teaching Sandra. But we went with Cindy and her family to the spanish ward yesterday. Cindy wanted her mom to understand what was being said so she decided to go to the spanish ward. That was a great experience I didn't really understand much but the spirit was really strong.
My mom's friend Maoha that works in the temple with her came to visit her neice in this area so I had the opportunity to go see her. She is such a wonderful lady.
    The commitment I leave with you is to think about those friends or people that you know that could possibly need the gospel in your life. And pray for them each individually. I know that there is so much power in prayer. Miracles can happen with the Lord and people are being prepared to hear the gospel at this time so I encourage you to not be afraid to open your mouth and share what you know to be true.
I hope you all have a great week!
Love always,
    Sister Heidi Sorensen

Dinner with Maoha

Cindy and her little brother Kevin


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