Monday, February 16, 2015

Aligning with the Lord‏

Dear family and friends,
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Know that I love you all!
    This has been a bit of a crazy week but the work must go on! There are still so many great things that are happening here and it just goes to show that the Lord is in charge. This week it was a cancellation week. It was crazy how we could have a full day planned with heaps of appointments but by mid day they had all cancelled. It was a great learning experience that we aren't in charge. This is the Lord's work and sometimes he was much greater plans for us than we may even know. Here are some of the events that happened this week.
  •       On Monday night we only had a short time left in our day and we wanted to make every minute count. We both felt like we needed to go and see this older woman who is in-active. She is in her 90's and still very active and able to do a lot. We were able to meet with her and talk to her. When I was choosing the scripture to share with her I felt like we needed to teach her about prayer. We came to find out that Sister Tuhi has not prayed in a long time and wasn't sure how to do it anymore. We were absolutely amazed and so we taught her how to do it. She was a little afraid to say a prayer and we were finally able to get her to say one. The spirit was so strong! She also said that she felt good and she had remembered that good feeling. It was amazing to see that such an older woman could be almost like a child spiritually. We were so happy to help her and we are hoping that little by little she could strengthen her spiritual body.
  •         We have an investigator who is so difficult to get a hold of and we haven't been able to see her in over a week and we were praying about her. Well on Tuesday we were walking to our appointment and we were running late. The whole time I was praying that somehow we would be able to make it to our appointment on time. I wasn't sure how it would happen but somehow I knew that we could. We kept walking as fast as we could. Then this car pulled up along side us and someone yelled "Sisters!" We turned and looked and it was our investigator, Lisa whom we have been praying to see. She offered us a ride to our appointment. Although when we got to our appointment the woman was just leaving and had to cancel. Lisa turned to us and said, "maybe this was meant to be, can you teach me?" Of course we said we would love to teach her and help her. It was an answer to my prayer. It was a powerful experience as we taught her in her car. I think it was also so good for her to see that the Lord knows what she needs and will guide her if she does what is right. What a tender mercy!
  •          We were able to go on trade offs with the Sister Training Leaders. I got to go with Sister Finau and it was such a great experience. There is one event that happened that I will never forget. We got of the car wanting to find someone new to teach. We began with a prayer and I knew that we were going to find someone. It was amazing how the Lord completely guided our feet. He lead us down and around this neighbourhood as if there was a sign that said, go this way. On this particular street we found this man who was changing his tire. Well we both went up and asked if we could help him. The funny thing was neither one of us knew how to change a tire anyways but it was a good conversation starter. He happened to be Tongan and Sister Finau is Tongan as well. And in the Tongan world everybody knows each other. Sister Finau was able to find a lot of connections with him and his family. He invited us to go inside his home and to talk to his family. We talked with his wife and kids and it was a great conversation. They mentioned that they had had elders come around a long time ago and they have family that are members. They then said that they weren't interested in our church but are willing to have us around. I knew that the Lord had literally guided our feet that day so that we could find some of his choice children. Even though they aren't interested we know better and we know that this is the time for them to come unto Christ whether they know it yet or not. :)
  •      Yesterday we had 4 investigators come to church! That was so great to finally be able to get several of our investigators to come to church. What a great step for them to take. They all enjoyed it. We had Lalitha (temple referral), Angela (single mother of 4), and Sam and Stefanie (who are alcoholics but making enormous changes, it is incredible!)
     This week I have learned so much about the importance of aligning our will with the Lord's will. One way that we can do that is by aligning ourselves with our leaders. It has been amazing on my mission how much you learn about the organization of the church and how perfect it is if we do it correctly. We have been striving to work smarter, not harder by working with our ward council and members. It has been a bit challenging but in the end many good things are coming. I know that the work of Salvation is being hastened at this time and it is important for all of us to take part in the wonderful work. We each can make a difference as we put our trust in our Heavenly Father. All things are definitely made possible with the Lord by your side. I have such a strong testimony of this gospel, I know without a doubt that this is the Lord's true church restored to this earth for all of us to be able to partake of. Take advantage of it, live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can promise you that as you live the gospel, you will find so much more happiness than you could ever find in the world today.
   I love and appreciate each and every one of you. May the Lord bless you!
Love always,
     Sister Sorensen

Becci Pemberton took us miniature golfing last much fun!

Sister Finau and I

We got the Christmas photo back!


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