Monday, February 2, 2015

Catch the Wave of Missionary Work‏

Dear family and friends,
    Wow what a great week it has been in the Oatlands area! I don't know if I can possibly share everything that happened this week, there is just way too much! Lets just say that the Lord is definitely leading our every step and guiding us in His work. Specifically in the Oatlands Ward. We just got a new Ward Mission Leader, Brother Hailame and he is amazing! He is so excited about missionary work and so it is just contagious. We have had so many meeting with his since he's been called and we are setting so many great goals. I can't wait to see what is in store for these coming weeks. Here are some more of the wonderful things that happened this week:
  • We got 3 new investigators just this week! One of them is Angela. We met her at a members house. We got her information and just the other day we were in the area and we thought of her. We went by to see her and it was such a great visit. We shared with her a lot of the restoration and the unique message that we share to the world. She is so curious and ready to learn. I love people that are prepared and open their hearts to the message! We are having another lesson with her this week.
  • Another new investigator is a girl named Jade. She is a little Chinese woman who has never known or believed in a loving Heavenly Father. This week we had the opportunity to teach her about God and who He is and who we are. Her eyes lite up as we taught her. The best part was when we taught her that we can pray to him and talk to him. She had never done that before. We had her practice a little bit with what she could say to Him. Then we had her try it for real. The spirit filled the room! It was an incredible experience and I don't know if Jade was able to recognize it yet but it is just the beginning for her and finding out who she really is. I love my job! We are unfortunately going to have to pass her to Mandarin speakers so that she can progress farther but it was great to be the first ones to meet her and to teach her.
  • The third new investigator we found as we were walking down the street. This woman was laying on some old mattresses that we stacked outside. She looked like she was from Africa and that she had been through a lot. I felt the need to talk to her so of course I did. She looked like she was 16 years old, she was literally skin and bones. She didn't have much. But it turned out that she was 30 years old and had 2 children over the age of 10. We taught her more of who we were and God's plan for all of us. We set up a time with her and left her a pamphlet. She started reading it right away and is so eager to learn more.
There are so many more experiences that I could share but unfortunately my time is very short. I know that this is definitely the Lord's church. He knows our needs and will be there for us if only we turn to him. Miracle do happen and they happen each and every day as long as we have the faith we can see them. Look for them in your everyday life. They are there!
Love you all very much!
Love always,
    Sister Heidi Sorensen

Here is what we had to wake up this Sunday morning...a Huntsman Spider! Got to love Australia!

Australia Day yesterday!

We went to this families house to celebrate Australia day. We had a blast! Here are a few of the funny photos that we took.

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