Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Referral from the Temple President!‏

Wow this week has been incredible! I know I say that pretty much every week but it is so true! Each week there are so many great things that happen. That just goes to show that with Christ in your life, so much good comes out of it. Here are some of the amazing miracles that have happened this week:
  •       This week we were fortunate to get a referral from the temple president, President Barr. He asked us to come in so that he could tell us about the people he wanted us to go and see. It was a great opportunity to go inside the temple and to receive counsel from President Barr and to receive a referral. There was a couple that went inside the temple this last week wanting to see this beautiful building. Well as we know they wouldn't have been able to get very far but President Barr talked with them and said that he would give them some pamphlets that teach them more about the temple and how they would be able to enter inside one day. They are a younger couple from India and they happen to live about 5 minutes walk from our flat. What a miracle! We went to see this couple right away and we met a woman named Lilitha. She was such a kind woman that was truly seeking the truth. We saw her Saturday night and invited her to come to church the next morning. Well the next morning she wasn't there but she called us Sunday afternoon and she apologized for not coming but wondered if there would be an evening session. We quickly called some members and arranged a chapel tour for Lilitha. Sister Koster and I had never really done a chapel tour before but we followed the spirit and showed her around. It was one of the most powerful experiences on my mission. The spirit that was felt was indescribable! We had our relief society president and her 1st counsellor with us and we all testified of truth and pretty much were teaching the restoration as we went from room to room. The final room that we went to was the chapel. There we talked about Christ and what he had done for us. Lilitha was someone who came from a background of Hindu and doesn't know much about Christ. It was there that Lilitha shared with us that lately she has felt like something has been missing in her life and that she had been getting consistent dreams about Jesus Christ and wanted to know this man. She said that is what led her to the temple in the first place. We assured her that she was in the right place and we all bore our testimony. She said that she wanted to come to church and to learn more!
  •           We went to visit a less active this week that we had never met before. We sat down and talked with her and her husband and found out that her husband was not a member. He was wandering around a little bit so we were teaching Sia but the whole time I felt the need to talk to him (Sifa). When he finally came back and sat down I started to talk to him. Come to find out his dad is a member and so he knows some things about the church and has always been very curious. He wanted to know about the Book of Mormon and what makes is so special. He is so eager to learn and has agreed to take the discussions with us. We look forward to meeting with him and teaching him!
  •         We had also another new investigator this week named Emily. We meet Emily and her mum a few weeks ago while we were walking down the street. Kym (Emily's mum) is a personal trainer and was trying to get us to come to her gym. We listened to what she said and then began to share what we had to share. She then said that she wasn't too interested but she knew that her daughter would be. Emily was so excited to listen. We just barely were finally able to meet up with them again on Saturday. It was such a great experience! I would call Emily a "Joseph Smith" for her time. She is wise beyond her years and is so eager to learn about Christ and Heavenly Father. She has great faith but just hasn't ever known how to show her faith. We taught her how to pray and she was smiling from ear to ear. She never knew that she could pray to Heavenly Father. She then said she wanted to come to church. Her mum brought her to church yesterday and she loved it! We are so blessed to be able to teach Emily and help her to know the truth.
  •    Another tender mercy when we were at the temple was I was able to see one of the less-actives that I taught in Green Valley enter the temple. Just as we were leaving the temple after talking with the temple president she was going inside for her endowment. What perfect timing! It was so fun to see how much she has changed and to be there on her special day. Everything happens for a reason!
  • This week we were walking down the street and I saw a sign that said, "gluten free bakery" you know me I love those signs! So of course we went inside to just see. Just at that time I felt the need to talk to the woman at the desk. Come to find out she is an inactive member and hasn't seen missionaries in a long time. It was great to talk with her an to remind her of what she once knew! See who would have thought that a gluten free bakery is where we needed to be!
There are so many more things that I could share but those are some of the many miracles that we witnessed this week. I love this gospel I know that it is true! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Love always,
  Sister Sorensen

With Sia at the temple

Our recent convert named Devmini. She is so awesome!

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